What is a bandage?
A bandage is a strip of material such as gauze used to protect, immobilized, compress or support a wound or injured body part.

 Types of bandages and their uses
1.               Long stretch bandage: It is used to provide compression pressure to an injured limb, muscle or joint.
2.               Ace bandage: It is used to immobilize an injured body part like a sprained ankle or wrist.
3.               Adhesive bandage: They are ideal for covering wounds cuts, which may get infected if left open.
4.               Sterile pads:  It is used for supporting bruises, corns and closed wounds. They may provide cushion or coverage.
5.               Stretch gauze bandage: It has elastic fibres to make the gauze more comfortable and confirming for wrapping wound and large body parts.
6.               Plaster gauze bandage: they are used by doctors to create plaster casts for broken bones.
7.               Comprilan: It is used to apply compression to injuries like leg ulcer etc.  it is comfortable to wear.
8.               Tensopress: It reduces the chances of irritation, light to wear and long enough to easily cover the leg from the base of toes to the ankle.
9.               Eloflex:  It allows stretching and provides high compression to give instant relief to sprain, strains and bruise.
10.          Profore: It has layers that ensure gradual build up of compression over the wound and also paid the sufficient capacity of absorption.
11.          Adhesive tapes: It is applied directly to the injured area and can adapt and stretch to fit specific body contours.
12.          Neoprene bandage: Provide kneel support and help to speed up the healing of injuries to soft tissues.
13.          Microporous bandage: It is used to fix wound dressing or secure electrodes for medical assessment.
14.          Zinc oxide tape: it can be used to surround muscle area that are likely to expand during exercise.
15.          Strip bandage: It is used for any small wound on a flat surface
16.          Finger of bandage: It is wrapped around the finger.
17.          Knuckle: It is wrapped around the knuckle.
18.          Butterfly closure: It is used to pull both sides of a cut back together to promote healing and help prevent infection.
19.          Donut: It is used to put pressure around on impaled object without putting pressure on the object itself.
20.          Pressure Bandage: It is best described as a conforming gauze roll bandage that contains an inner absorbent layer that hold its place for wound.
21.          Gauze roll: It can be wrapped around any wound and can also be used to hold- gauze pad in place.
22.          5 x 9  sterile gauze pap: it can be used for various sizes of wounds.
23.          Triangular Bandage: it can be used to sling an arm, wrap around a wrist injury, wrap around an injured head.
24.          Sterile burn sheet: It provides a sterile environment to prevent infection without sticking to the burned area.
25.          Steri –strips: They minimize the risk of superficial wounds opening during healing.
26.          Tensor Bandage: Provides compression and a controlled pressure.
27.          Eye patch:  It is placed over a wounded or infected eye.
28.          Dressing bandage: It is used to cover wound, prevent contamination and control bleeding.
29.          Roller bandage: It is used to apply support to a strain or sprain and is wrapped around the joint or limb many times.
30.          Tube bandage: They are used on fingers and toes and used to keep dressing in place on part of body with lots of movement.
31.          Gauze:  it is used to cover an injury or wound to prevent germs from entering the affected area.
32.          Short stretch: it is used to prevent swelling and discourage build up of fluid under the skin by providing resistance.
33.          Proguile: Provide sustain compression to leg ulcer for in period of a days at a stretch.
34.          Tube Bandage: They are used of fingers and toes to keep dressing in place.
35.          Roller bandage:  It is used to apply support to a strain or sprain.
36.          Finger bandage: It is wrapped around the finger.
37.          Knuckle bandage:  it is wrapped around the knuckle.
38.          Plaster gauze bandage: It is used by doctors to create plaster casts for broken bones.
39.          Zinc oxide tape bandage: It is used to surround muscle area.
40.          Adhesive bandage: It is used to cover wounds or cuts, which may get infected if left open.